Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Apron Giveaway

I have a glut of Christmas aprons!
I couldn't help myself, I couldn't stop until I'd used every part of every piece of fabric!!
I have just enough birdie print fabric to make my Miss 4 a Christmas skirt or dress.

But here I am with 9...NINE...Christmas aprons.
There are 6 ladies aprons and 3 girls/small ladies aprons.

Red and White Christmas Apron
Birdie Christmas Apron with Ruffle

Red Polka Dot Christmas Apron

Birdie Christmas Apron
Polka Dot Christmas Apron with Birdie Trim

Red Polka Dots and Spots Christmas Apron

Red and Green Christmas Apron with Pockets - Size Small

Red and White Christmas Apron with Birdie Ruffle - Size Small

Red and White Christmas Apron with Red Ruffle - Size Small
They are all on my Sew Thea shop on Made It.
But I'm fairly certain I won't sell them all (if any) before Christmas.

Sew (see what I did there?)....I'd love to give one away to a lovely reader.
Just tell me which one is your favourite.
Give me a shout out on Facebook or Twitter, if you like.
Follow me here, if you can.
And you're in the running to win a Christmas apron valued at $20!

This is going to be the quickest giveaway in the history of giveaways, so I can get the parcel posted to the winner before Christmas.

12 hours is all you've got!!
It opens 8am this morning (Mon 12th), and I'll pick a winner at 8pm tonight (my time = Qld time)!

I hope you enter, tell your friends, and GOOD LUCK!


  1. I love the red polka dot one, very pretty... But they are all very sweet:)

  2. I love the red polka dot one - and the polka dots with spotty trim.

  3. Red and white Christmas apron

    So pretty all of them! I would be happy with any if I won.

  4. Hi Thea!I love love the Birdie Christmas apron.

  5. You already know that I'm in love with the Red and White Christmas Apron! That fabric is gorgeous! I haven't had a chance to do any xmas sewing yet as bubba is teething and being a clingy little miss... woe is me! :D LOL

  6. I am still so undecided about which one is my fave - although my favouritist fave is small - which I am not... (red & green). So not that one. As to the others...

    Red & white?
    Red polka dot?

    I think it comes down to those two - although birdie with ruffle came close... AND red polka dots with spots...

    All so sweet...

  7. Bugger the kids (see I am in the Christmas spirit) I want one! The red polka dot caught my eye the most. What a fab job you have done on all of them.

  8. I love the red and White Christmas apron . Thank you - don't know how you have time to sew, blog and tweet!

  9. I just had to stop by and tell you how adorable these are. I love the Birdie one (no ruffle).
    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

  10. i love the red and white christmas apron. but hey, i am not picky....
    you are one cleaver lady :)

  11. I love the first one - the red & white Xmas apron. So pretty! I can't follow this blog from work here though, stupid IE6 isn't compatible with Google Friend Network anymore... will do so when I get home.

  12. I love the red polka dot one with the plain red ruffle. Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  13. I like the red and white Christmas apron, the first one!

  14. Ahhh!!! I love polka dots!!! Ahhh!!! I love birds!!! Here we have them together!! I totally LOVE the polka dot with bird trim apron! You are a talented one you are!!

  15. I love the polka dots with spots, though i do love them all. You are such a clever lady x

  16. I love aprons. I have a skull and roses one :) My favourite is the small with pockets. So cute. You did a great job!

  17. Thanks so much everyone for entering!

    For the first time ever I used to pick a winner.

    It picked number 8.

    And that is Nik!!

    Congratulations Nik, please email the address you would like your apron sent to