Monday, September 26, 2011

Girl's Skirt and Matching Headband

Again, with left over fabric from aprons, I made this cute little skirt with matching headband.
No pattern necessary.
I cut one rectangle 14cm x 75cm from dark blue.
And another 20cm x 110cm from the print fabric.
Sew seams at the back in the dark blue and the print fabrics.
Gather the print onto the plain fabric and stitch.
Make a 3.5cm casing at the top of the plain section leaving an opening for the elastic.
Sew a narrow hem at the bottom.
Thread 50cm of 2.5cm wide elastic through the casing and zigzag the ends together.
Sew the opening of the casing closed.

For the headband I used a rectagle 10cm x 52cm.
Sew the short ends together to form a circle.
Fold or iron 1cm along both long edges.
Sew the ends together of a 50cm length of 2.5cm wide elastic.
Slip the elastic into the headband.
Hold folded/ironed edges together, stitch as close to the edge as possible.


  1. That is such a cute little fabric, makes a perfect skirt.

  2. Very Cute! I found you via the digital parents site. Great to find more Aussie sewing blogs!


  3. Cute little skirt. Love the big, bold floral fabric. Great to find another Aussie blogger.

  4. Lovely little outfit. BTW you look GREAT for 40! Do you want another follower? Check out my blog and follow if you like :-) I love finding fellow aussies!

  5. WOW! How gorgeous :)

    My little girls would love skirts like these.

    I do have a machine, I just don't have any idea how to sew lol I have a thing for somehow breaking the needle in less then 5 minutes..whoops!

  6. That's wonderful! She looks super duper cute too. I would have been stocked with that skirt and headband at that age. xx