Thursday, January 21, 2010

Library Bag

Well, my eldest child is starting school next week and when I saw on the book list that he needed a library bag, I knew that was one thing I could make...easy!

You will need -

60cm of your child's favourite fabric
90cm cord
thread to match

To make -

  • Cut 2 pieces 45cm x 55cm.
  • Sew with right sides facing each other, both sides and bottom with 1cm seams.
  • Overlock or finish edges.
  • Fold over 5cm to the inside and press with iron.
  • Make 2 button holes big enough to pass the cord through on either side of one of the side seams just under the folded line in the bag (not the casing allowance).
  • Fold top down 2cm and fold again on the ironed fold line, sew to make a casing for the cord.
  • Thread one end of the cord through one buttonhole, around the top and out of the other button hole.
  • Tie end together and finish off with sticky-tape if the cord frays easily.
  • Turn the finished bag out the right way and press the seams flat.
    There you go, instant library bag...just add books!


    1. You clever thing. I have about as much sewing skill as I do driving Mac trucks. Nada.

      Looks fantastic! Sure to be the coolest library bag there. x

    2. Looks great! I'm trying to teach myself to sew (with memories coming back from high school sewing classes) so any tips are welcome!

      I've made my first thing - a reversible summer dress for the little one - but haven't done the buttons yet. I'll send you a pic when it's done!

    3. Brilliant - Now I just need a spotlight....