Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Sacks

I realize it's probably too late to make these for this Christmas (although I just made mine yesterday), but after Christmas, pick yourself up some cheaper Christmas fabric and make them for next year...

You will need -

  • Polypop fabric to suit your desired size of sack (I made mine 80cm x 110cm so I bought 1.6m per sack)
  • paper templates of the letters of the name for the sack (mine were 15cm x 10cm, I could fit 5 letters across an 80cm sack, cut them to a smaller size for longer names)
  • 0.2m Christmas fabric (you'll get 8 letters of 10cm x 15cm from that amount, buy more if necessary)
  • 0.2m double sided fusible webbing
  • 1m double sided satin ribbon
  • glitter fabric paint/glue
  • matching thread

To make up -

  1. Iron rough side of webbing to wrong side of Christmas fabric.
  2. Place and pin letter templates, then cut out.
  3. Sew cut edges of polypop together and finish seam.
  4. Fold so seam is at centre back and sew bottom edge of sack, finish seam.
  5. Sew a 10cm hem at top of the sack.
  6. Attach centre of ribbon to the back seam 20cm from the top of the sack.
  7. Pull paper backing off the cut out letters.
  8. Place them and iron them onto sack one at a time.
  9. Trace around the edges with the glitter paint/glue.
  10. Fill with pressies and goodies, tie it up and place it at the end of your child's/children's bed/s.

Wish I had one!  Merry Christmas!!


  1. You put us less crafty mothers to shame - you really do.
    I so want a sewing machine - thats it - next year am getting one...
    (the sacks are beautiful)