Thursday, December 3, 2009

Painted Christmas Tree Balls

What you need -

Foam balls
Metallic paint
Glitter paint
Ribbon of your choice
Star sequins

What to do -

  1. Paint foam balls on one side, allow to dry.  Paint the other side.
  2. Paint in the same way with glitter paint.
  3. When the balls are completely dry, wrap the ribbon around the ball, twist like you're wrapping a present and bring ribbon up to the top, make a loop and secure with a pin through a star sequin.  Also secure the twisted ribbon at the bottom with a pin through a star sequin.
  4. Randomly place a few more stars with pins on the ball and one in the middle of each ribbon section.
  5. And, you're done!
  6. Hang on the Christmas tree, or anywhere that takes your fancy.

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