Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fabric Covered Christmas Decorations

These are really pretty, and they have a vintage feel to them.  I made them 20 years ago...time to make some more I think!

What you need -

foam balls
Christmas fabrics
butter knife
fine cord

What to do -

  • Indent 2 lines all the way around each ball to make quarters with the blunt knife.

  • Cut fabric in this shape just big enough to cover each quarter of the ball.
  • With the edge of the knife, push the fabric into the indentations you made until the edges disappear (cut away any excess).
  • Do this for each quarter using a combination of fabrics.
  • Wrap the cord around the ball (as you would around a present, twisting at the bottom).
  • Secure the bottom twisted cord with a pin through a sequin.
  • Make a loop at the top and cut the ends, use another sequin and pin to secure them at the top.
  • Make heaps and hang them everywhere!

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