Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beaded snowflakes

 I absolutely love these!!

What you need -

beading wire
round nose pliers
thin ribbon
2mm bicone crystals (or small bead)
4mm bicone crystals
6mm bicone crystals
head pins
eye pins

What to do -

  1. On 6 eye pins feed 2 4mm bicones, 2 6mm bicones & 4 4mm bicones.  Allow 1cm to curl end with round nose pliers.
  2. Cut 20cm of beading wire and secure around one of the beaded eye pins at the end of the wire.  Then secure remaining 5 pins one at a time with the beading wire while fanning each arm to form the snowflake shape.
  3. Once you have secured the last arm, feed onto the remaining wire a 4mm, 6mm and 4mm bicone to form a centre piece and to cover the wiring securing the arms.  Secure the wire by winding and twisting the remainder.
  4. To make the arm dangles, feed a 2mm then a 6mm bicone on 5 head pins.  Cut excess and curl to make a loop while attaching one to each end of each arm.
  5. For the last arm, feed a 2mm then a 6mm bicone on one eye pin, curl and make a loop while attaching.  On the other loop of the eye pin, feed and tie a ribbon to hang snowflake.

These are so pretty I leave one hanging on my daughter's wall all year round.

1 comment:

  1. Love these, I may start beading if I start making these, maybe next year!