Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Mobile

I made this for my baby girl's room just after she was born.
It's easy and looks so gorgeous in her room.

To make it you will need -
1 wooden circle frame
1 small ring (plastic or metal)
3m cord
4 felt squares of different colours
shape patterns 5-6cms (I used stars, hearts & flowers)
craft paint
craft glue
knitting cotton
large eye needle
(I found all of these things at Spotlight)

  • Paint the wooden frame with a couple of coats of craft paint.
  • Cut the cord into 3 x 1m lengths (use sticky tape to stop ends fraying).
  • Cut 2 of each shape from each felt colour.
  • Glue the dot shapes to the centre of both sides for the flower shapes.
  • Chose the six shapes you wish to use as the bottom level.
  • Using the knitting cotton and needle, sew close to the edges using running stitch.  When a small opening remains fill with a little wadding, put the end of the cord inside the shape, then stitch the gap making sure you catch the cord with one of the stitches.  End off with a knot on the inside.  Repeat five times for the bottom level shapes.
  • Sew the remaining 6 shapes in the same way on into the cord with a 10 - 15cm space from shape on the end making sure to stitch top and bottom to the cord.  Slightly different space lengths give it a more random look.
  • Attach the 3 cords to the ring by folding them in half, placing the loop through the ring and pulling both ends through.
  • Once the paint is completely dry on the frame, wind each cord length around the frame twice, leaving about 15 - 20cm from the ring to the frame.
  • Attach a length of string to the ring so it can hang from the ceiling.

This is fun to make for your own baby.  Or make it as a gift for a baby shower or newborn.  There's something extra special about handmade gifts!

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